Humane, Resourced – almost there #bookofblogs


So, today I spent most of the day cutting and pasting and swearing and exporting and grumbling and drinking tea. It looks like we are one step away from publishing a book – an incredible achievement when you consider the original ‘anybody fancy doing this?’ blog post only went out in mid July

I have just sent the review copy off to People Management – that is quick.

Over 50 authors – that is big. BoB cover

Simon Heath, who designed the cover, spent a chunk of the day at my house, sipping tea and solving problems. We have one problem left which is that when I move the book from Pressbooks (where we designed it) to Kindle it opens in the middle of the index. This isn’t the end of the world, but it is far from ideal.

I hope a couple of service calls I’ve put in will resolve the issue and the next button I get to press on Amazon says ‘SAVE AND PUBLISH’. 

I’d extend thanks to lots of people – several are mentioned in the book – but Peter Cheese, CEO of the CIPD spent his Sunday writing me a foreword. That is a classy and supportive thing to do.

So what can you do to help if you are an author or want to support the project?

  1. Tweet and Linkedin when we launch – Google + if you can and certainly Facebook
  2. Remember it is all for charity
  3. Consider updating your LinkedIn profile with the book cover or something imaginative
  4. Talk to people – you’ve been part of an amazing community journey, share that. We have inspiring content but we also have an amazing story
  5. Enjoy it – if you weren’t before you are now a published author

I’ll let you know more when I’ve stopped breaking things.


The Book Of Blogs – almost there

Hi all,

1. Any outstanding contributions to the book of blogs need to be in by the 16th. If, for whatever reason,  you no longer wish to be included you need to let me know by the 16th too.

Deadline at Dawn
Deadline at Dawn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you aren’t going to get it done by then, but would still like to contribute, please send me a grovelling appeal for time and a £10 note and I’ll consider each case on its merits.

2. You can find an up to date list of contributors here – if you didn’t read update last time them please do now as the book is no longer ‘free’: . You can also suggest charities for any profits and vote on titles. If it’s a draw I’ll just choose a title – so please use your vote wisely.

3. If anyone would like a sneak preview in exchange for feeding back on any errors (traditionally this is called proofreading but I’m keeping it informal) then let me know

4. If anyone has any PR/marketing ideas or contacts then please let me know – or better yet just contact them yourself and wax lyrical about the project. This has grown from a side project to an incredible collective effort – so to do justice to everyone’s work collaborating on making the book a success would be wonderful. We’ve already had some interest from People Management and Ask Grapevine – some US (or NZ?) interest would be brilliant.

5. I’m registered as a publisher with Amazon now. Hopefully I can confirm my tax status with them next week and then we are good to go!

It’s going to be great.