#CIPD13 – day 1 = reflections and connections

I find people interesting. That’s why I enjoy bumbling about in this profession.

I can’t network, I’m just not wired to think about people that way, but I do love meeting new people and chatting to them. Some people might argue that is networking, but I always think the distinction is in intent.

I’m not sure what I expected from the CIPD conference, but this is what I got in addition to the formal sessions. Interesting connections. I hope other people had similarly randomly good experiences.

I got…

– about an hour of Peter Cheese’s time (the CIPD CEO), talking about the event itself, social media, the CIPD’s future and the evolution of business practices. Someone took this photo of me, seemingly, in a Pacino-like rant as we talked, whilst in the background the lovely Julie Dryborough can’t quite believe what I’ve said to Peter http://instagram.com/p/gYgoRLPCjo/

– about an hour of the Deputy CEO’s time, talking about how much of the CEO’s time I had taken up

– the business card of the CEO of the Human Resources Professionals of Canada, specifically so that I can send him a link to the book (Humane, Resourced – free until the end of the conference, #1 bestselling HR book on Amazon, a host of awesome thoughts on HR from 50 different authors, I sort of had to mention it – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Humane-Resourced-A-Book-Blogs-ebook/dp/B00GA323TW/ref=zg_bs_362191031_7)

– a trip to Facebook (a long held ambition of mine)

– a trip to see the fine folk at Innocent Drinks (a long held ambition of mine)

– to meet one of the candidates from The Apprentice (this adds to an unexpected trip to the BBC breakfast studio yesterday

When I add the above to a quite brilliant insight into the Crossrail project and a host of interesting conversations, well, that isn’t a bad day. Not a bad day at all.

The only thing that could make it better would be an early morning session with Doug Shaw and Meg Peppin tomorrow – and a bacon butty too…

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