Welcome people well – then tell me

Welcome people well – then tell me

Synopsis: a short request for a practical change in language. Easy to make happen. Change 'onboarding' to 'welcome' then let me know. In 2017 I wrote that there must be a better name for the process of welcoming someone to an organisation than 'onboarding'. Onboarding is a process. A welcome is something you experience. And [...]

The Thought Terminating Clichés of Work

Content: a reflection on thought terminating clichés in work - with an explanation from Wikipedia up front I had the delight of learning a new term recently. "A thought-terminating cliché is a commonly used phrase, sometimes passing as folk wisdom, used to end cognitive dissonance(discomfort experienced when one simultaneously holds two or more conflicting cognitions, [...]

Leading is tough…

On January 2nd a well fed version of me plopped down at my desk full of good intentions. And before I got to answering emails and walking about wishing people New Year I took some time out to think about accountability, collaboration and trust. Before Christmas I'd queried someone's decison on something and I wasn't [...]

On the future of work – a brief note

The brightest thinkers paint different views of our near to mid future. They describe alternate realities where automation and AI (often used interchangeably) come to rob us of our jobs or free us of our shackles. It's possible that both camps might be right. That we face an ever more divisive future, where vastly different [...]

A (rejected) Evidence Based Review

My review of Evidence-Based Management: How to Use Evidence to Make Better Organizational Decisions which you can buy here was rejected by Amazon yesterday for not following their guidelines. I think it does, I imagine they objected to the cow in a tornado. Anyway... the review follows... Thanks to Rob Briner for suggesting I just [...]

We didn’t care enough

Yesterday someone asked me why a problem hadn't been solved before and I replied that we obviously just hadn't cared enough. It felt like that needed a longer explanation, so I told them what I'm about to tell you... Things that organisations really care about get done. They are the things that people chase up. [...]