My job – come and get it

For the last (almost two years) I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to head up the CIPD’s relationship with our branch network and with our Council. Our branch network is one of the world’s biggest communities of HR and people development practitioners. It’s a remarkable thing. It runs over 1000 events each year and supports everything from policy development to mentoring. It’s our biggest face to face channel and like anything else we do is constantly evolving to improve its support for the profession. People give their time for free and they deserve our support and recognition.

My job is up for grabs.

I have a wonderful team (please note: if you are in this team and reading this blog I’d like you to get back to work and don’t get cocky) and we have ambitious plans to further improve support for the community we serve. We have built up some real momentum over the past couple of years and Council (which represents each branch and is part of our governance structure) is supportive and ready for change. There is a great job here for someone to take on and make my time here a grubby footnote in history, which I’d love to see.

In this role you’d also be supporting the London branches (we have 7) which represent well over 20000 of our membership. Again, we’ve made progress together, but your job would be to come in and be much better than me.

There are challenges – we have over 50 branches and supporting that geographical distribution is tricky and we have over 900 volunteers and that’s complex in terms of relationships and expectations. I’m busy and I make lots of compromises and lots of decisions I make will be received differently by very different groups. We need to make it a truly modern network, supported by technology but with people at its heart.

If you are interested you can find the official overview on this link. It’s been an honour to work with such an inspiring group of people. It would be good to find someone who would like to support and inspire them in turn. If I can help with any insight then please get in touch, otherwise please share (or apply).


Why did I take the job? Because it’s a massive part of the train set. It’s the biggest face to face channel for my own profession and everything we make better there makes it better for the profession. That was too attractive not to spend some time influencing. And I got to influence some other things at the CIPD too. We don’t need another me, the job could be done in a host of ways. We just need someone better than me – because our volunteers and the profession deserve constant improvement from their professional body.

PPS when moving on from a role I always think of my favourite Dilbert.

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