Speed reading on #Kindle & #Productivity 

I’ve been a fast reader as long as I can remember. I didn’t learn how to speed read, but if the average person reads at 200-250wpm I’ve read enough to have a normal speed well above that. 

Yesterday Google suggested that I might like a speed reading app. Since the folks at Google are the only ones (outside of  government agencies) to get to read all of my emails I tend to listen to them. In fact sometimes they even answer my emails for me. 

So I duly downloaded an app and was impressed with the way it presented a web page – but the interface was a bit clunky. I really wanted something that could read books straight from my Kindle library. So I went back to Google and it revealed that,  embedded in the Kindle app on Android and on Amazon tablets, there is already a speed reading feature built in. There it is… Just click on ‘Word runner’ 

Then it does this… It flashes up words very fast (you dictate the pace) and your brain neurolinguistically sucks them up into your amygdala to process in the left side of your prefrontal cortex releasing dopamine. If you don’t understand that sentence is bunkum you should read more. 

In theory you can read super fast… But I was reading a relatively complex book about high  frequency trading, stock market movements and algorithms so I kept it just under 600wpm. And it worked. 

I tweeted about it and it seems that some people aren’t that fond of speed reading. Which is fine, but I think trying it is worth a go for most busy people. I’ll relax with a novel, business books I just want to absorb. 

If you fancy giving it a go and you have the right kit then just think how much more you could consume, how much time you could free up, how much more you could learn by using a bit of free tech. It can double the speed you read and really, really cleverly it even slows down slightly for difficult words/bits of text. 

And yes. I enjoyed reading it too. 

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