7 thoughts on “One lesson from #ENGvWAL

  1. I take issue with your juxtaposition of sport and working life. I was also surprised by a tweet from another respected HR professional of Welsh extraction who described the kick as “incredibly arrogant” and an English coach who suggested his team need to “think about our decision making.”
    Two things here – you learn from your mistakes in life not from playing safe, and as a leader it was the captain’s job to try and win the game not tie it. It was a penalty right out on the touchline which, given the position and pressure, was perfectly missable. He made a brave and the right decision in my view and, by making it showed the ultimate respect to an opponent who had battled through adversity to get ahead. I know who I’d rather have on my team and I know who learned more from the game.
    Give me someone who kicks for the corner every time over someone who plays safe. If Wales are faced with a similar set of circumstances later in the tournament it will be interesting to see what choices they make – win or try to not lose. And in perhaps a world first, a comment that far exceed the original post.


    1. i) I never said it was a lesson about business ii) it was match day and I’m completely comfortable with my double standards in this area. To put it another way… If Wales had made the same decision I would have called it brave and backed it to the hilt. In fact it seemed a very Welsh/Barbarians type statement of intent…I’m readily and happily able to admit to bias and hypocrisy and there is nothing untrue in what you have written.


  2. i) No you didn’t but by publishing it on your blog it is by implication 🙂 ii) as an Englishman I have to take that on the chin. I think it is, as they say in sporting circles, all to play for still.


    1. i) that’s fair (although it genuinely was unseemly adrenaline fuelled gloating rather than a business post) ii) I think England have reached the latter stages 3 times having lost a game in the pools – hope to see you later in the tournament


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