Learning from Cornettos – Personal Branding

I went to see some Opera in Florence last year at the recommendation of a colleague. It isn’t something I normally do, but if you are in Florence you could do worse than head to St Marks Church to see what they have on. This is especially true as the money they raise from performances all goes to charity.

Anyway I vaguely recognised most of the tunes that were belted out during the main performance and then they came out for an encore. It was the Cornetto song….

Just one Cornetto, give it to me, delicious ice cream from Italy!

Of course they weren’t singing that, they were singing O Solo Mio, the traditional version from Naples that doesn’t mention ice cream. I wondered how many times I would have to hear the ‘proper’ version before the first thing I thought of wasn’t a Cornetto.

Once our brains have anchored on a connection they are tricky things to shift. People often get frustrated that people don’t recognise the development that they have made and still associate old behavioural traits with them.

If you are the individual trying to develop it’s important to remember that changing the perception of others takes longer than creating that perception. Unless it is trust – that can vanish in one moment.

So if you are currently trying to change something then share that goal with people at work and keep checking in. Bring that sense of change to a position that is front of mind for them. Let’s say that you have become well known for the gravest organisational sin, talking over others in meetings. Share this with some people…

‘I know I often talk over people in meetings and I’m really wanting to get better at not doing that. I was wondering if you could be my spotters and let me know at the end of the meeting as to how I’m doing.’

Rather than taking 6 months for anyone to notice the improvement it should only take a few meetings for recognition of improvment- and you have people supporting you on that ambition to improve too.

Everyone wins and you can buy them all a Cornetto to say thanks.






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