Where good stuff happens. Where good people explore

Whatever is in your calendar just cancel it… just go ahead and rearrange your day on either the 13th or 14th of May. Come and meet me and have a coffee and then I’ll introduce you to people significantly smarter and better than me.

I now work for the CIPD, which means I get my pick of free conferences. It’s an impossibly good perk. I’m also getting to have some input into them, as the Conference Team here are lovely people and increasingly open to saying ‘we’ll give it a go’. I’ve been delighted with the increase of ‘fringe’ activity at recent events, the stuff that doesn’t feel like a traditional conference. This trend continues with the upcoming L&D Show where there is massive range of free activity and content for anyone attending. Over my career I’ve been able to experience most areas of HR (nobody would ever trust me with payroll…wisely) but at the core of my career is the desire to help people and organisations improve. L&D is uniquely charged to do just that. If an organisation can’t learn then it is can’t sustain advantage. That’s a commercial fact.

Over the two days of the L&D Show I’m looking forward to the following things in particular

  • Talking to Andrew Jacobs and Julian Stodd. They are people I respect hugely and always enjoy sharing ideas with and learning from
  • Listening to Andy Lancaster talk about the new CIPD qualifications for L&D, which are shaping up to be truly innovative. He is so bouncy that I’m pretty sure part of his salary is covered by a sponsorship arrangement with Red Bull.
  • Hearing more about smart ways to enable and support informal learning
  • Meeting people I haven’t met yet
  • Attending the social gathering on the Tuesday night. Relaxed environment… good people…
  • I was supposed to be speaking – but then I joined the CIPD and now, instead, I’m chairing a session on Collaborative Learning Partnerships to Drive Business and People Success

What I’m also looking forward to is creating things with great people. The show is a wonderful learning environment – maps, peers, experts, content, areas to sit and explore with people and thousands of people who share common ground. They spend a chunk of their lives working out how to help the learning experiences of others.

If you attend for no other reason than to meet people then it is still potentially some of the best time you can invest this year. Think ROI. It’s all about ROI isn’t it?

Last year I was playing about with a flipchart and ended up writing 3 simple rules for culture that ended up popping up all around the world (including, bizarrely, on t-shirts and more rewardingly in a group for teachers in the US) . This year I’m looking for two people to partner with me on writing a couple of exploratory papers. If you are there then please give me a shout. I’ll be explaining more later in the week. We need to beat the below for popularity…

culture rules

I’m also keen to meet L&D folk from across London and say ‘hi’. I’m lucky to have a role supporting the profession in London and I’m hoping to chat to as many people as possible to make sure we keep heading in the right direction.

I’ll be updating and republishing some of my blogs that are more L&D focused over the next few days. Long term readers – please forgive me if the odd one feels familiar…

I realise this may feel like an advertorial, but trust me, I’m genuinely excited.

4 thoughts on “Where good stuff happens. Where good people explore

  1. See you there David! Who knows – I might catch you at one of the events or worst case during the 2 minute speed networking sessions!


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