How to harness half-baked ideas

I find one of the best ways of being creative is having other ideas to ‘bounce off’. The broader those ideas are the better. I always try to think of the extreme polar solutions to a problem and then work from there. That stops me always going for the safe choice and allows me to choose from ‘whole of market’ ideas.

So if someone is having trouble with performance I might start with extreme responses of:

Exit them from the organisation by just walking them out of the door now and sorting out paperwork later
Give them a huge promotion, pay rise and a team of people to manage to see what that does

Then I’d work out the consequences of each scenario and then see which one feels closer to a solution. I’m not staring from a point of looking for what is right, I’m starting by hunting for options.

This approach stops you thinking ‘on the rails’ and gets you thinking about a whole range of options. I appreciate that it seems time intensive. Which is a good thing.

The more you simply process things  – rather than think about how to solve them – the more likely you are to end up having a bigger and more time consuming problem further down the line.

I also think being relaxed helps me come up with ideas and laughing helps people relax. So as my weekend gift to you I will reveal one of my favourite websites. The repository of half-baked ideas. Enjoy.

I’ll get you started by linking to a different way of thinking about contracts… Here. And if you’d just like to laugh, check out what happened below…


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