The Jeremy Clarkson Case: The Views.

Once every few hundred years there is a defining legal or employment milestone that sets the tone for the generations to come. Magna Carta, Roe vs Wade and Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men would be examples of variable relevance.

It is clear from current commentary that the Clarkson ‘incident’ is of similar import.

The Prime Minister is worried about his children’s wellbeing potentially being impacted as a result and expert commentary had made it clear that Top Gear itself is worth 7-8 times the worth of the entire remainder of the BBC.

Due to the importance of this case I have decided to aggregate for loyal readers some of the better quality commentary from The Daily Mail, a newspaper of genuinely incomparable quality. It is the modern equivalent of looking for the view of the man on the Clapham omnibus. Please find the timetable for buses through Clapham here to understand the traditional British sample more effectively.

I like Clarkson, so only say this because its true, see a dentist and get those horrible teeth cleaned sorted and maybe even whitened a little to get rid of the stains.

He’s got the colour of a drinker
Jeremy Drunkard is being attacked for being too white and too British.

He’s had no more disasters than many of us who still carry on working and paying into a silly system that puts benefit mother’s first and pays our terminally lazy to enjoy themselves. He’s not lazy and woks hard, but he needs to grow up and act like a man and not a child who can’t get his way. As Jeremy Kyle would say, “He needs to grow a pair.”

He needs to take a page from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s playbook with handling the press which I saw in a documentary about him.

We used to be proud of the British eccentric and had learned not to lock up the non conformist…

How come when John Prescott punched someone, he was a national hero… JC is a clever man with an ‘on the money’ view on life… of course he’s going to offend the stupid PC brigade…!!!!

I watched The Voice last night instead of Top Gear. It was really good. Better than Top Gear.

Talent and madness go hand in hand and the BBC need get over it because without him you’ll have nothing.

What ever happened to shaking hands and moving on. Or is this not PC enough for the idiots at the BBC

People call Clarkson a bully but anyone can see he’s been bullied by the PC brigade for years for daring to be an outspoken individual.

We dont tune in to watch the producer. The producer is the coffee boy, making sure the boys are happy, its not hard, hot meal after a long day. Maybe hes not good at his job.

It must be terribly frustrating to have all that money and not be able to get what you want, when you want it. You’d feel like slapping someone. Anyone just to let off steam. Nothing personal of course.

2 thoughts on “The Jeremy Clarkson Case: The Views.

  1. Watching all of this unfold from afar, there seem to be three topics that keep getting muddled: 1. The issue (how bad was the tantrum, was there actual hitting, etc); 2. Jeremy (does one like or hate him, love/hate all that he represents, find him entertaining or not, etc.); and 3. The handling of the situation.

    The situation seems to keep getting warped when people confuse the issue at hand for their fondness of the person with how it was handled.

    We don’t know the full details of the first yet, the second is entirely personal, and the third is a master class in how not to do an HR investigation…


    1. Interesting as it hasn’t crossed my mind that a grumpy bloke from a show about cars arguing over a steak would reach the US! I’ve underestimated the reach of the story.

      i) absolutely, still unclear
      ii) absolutely, although people seem to be conflating this with their thoughts on i) and also their political stance
      iii) I’m not actually sure we know enough about this either. I’m struggling for a reliable source for anything reliable. I actually feel sorry for the HR team, dealing with this incident in the spotlight and the weight of all that has gone on a the BBC prior to it.


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