Bruno Mars PT2 – the outcome letter – Uptown Funk

Notice of result of appeal against disciplinary action

Date 30th January 2015

Dear Bruno,

You appealed against the decision of the disciplinary hearing to dismiss you from your employment. This followed a previous attempt to resolve the matter informally, notes of which can be found here.

The appeal meeting was held on 27th January 2015 after several aborted attempts on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th January when you described yourself as being unavailable due to being in “Harlem, Hollywood, Jackson, Mississippi”. 

We appreciate that this has been a complex case and would like to set out within this letter the clear position of the organisation on several key points that you have raised by letter, telephone conversations and, notably, on 19th January via a megaphone directed at my office, as you poked out of the sunroof of your stretch limo from within the company car park.

  • We are aware that the Learning and Development team have adopted your slogan ‘Don’t believe me just watch’ to use in promotional materials for their ‘working out loud’ initiative. We do not agree with your conclusion that this makes you ‘frickin untouchaballs’
  • We acknowledge that in the incident in October where your access card was deactivated in error that you were frustrated. We do not believe that telling Cynthia Watkins (who was working on reception) that you felt “locked out of heaven” because her “sex takes you to paradise” was an appropriate way to address this issue. You were locked out of the staff canteen, it is an entirely separate issue and in any case your response would not have been proportionate or in keeping with the company values.
  • We have 17 expenses claims submitted for stretch limos. The finance team emailed you on 7 separate occasions to explain this was not in line with company travel policy (mails attached). As a result we will not be honouring these claims.
  • Your team has been underperforming for 18 months, yet we notice on every piece of appraisal paperwork returned to us you wrote the same comment on their work “if perfect is what you’re searching for then just stay the same”. This is a gross dereliction of your duties as a manager and we consider it to be a fundamental breakdown of trust and confidence in the relationship.
  • We believe that telling several married women at the Christmas party that you were looking for something dumb to do so you were going to marry them constituted multiple breaches of the company policy (see enclosed employee handbook) on sexual harassment.
  • Despite your repeated requests we will not republish the notes of all meetings held thus far describing Mark Ronson, who accompanied you, as a ‘featured artist’.

You have now exercised your right of appeal under the Company Disciplinary Procedure and this decision is final. You are dismissed. Don’t believe us just watch.

Yours sincerely

David D’Souza

PS – please note, we’ve already replaced your entire team with one person so there is no need for a handover period.

Thanks to Kate Griffiths-Lambeth for the spot…

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