Best Blogs 7 November 2014

Lovely to see Helen, Damiana and Broc in here. Great choices by Christopher whose time and energy in doing this I really appreciate.


Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.

The latest ideas on organization life, personal collaboration and the power of work in life from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career.

Every week our theme emerges organically and this edition includes some of the most personal and reflective questions asked about life, society and our roles therein. A treasure chest of reflection.

These fine authors offer fresh and different perspectives on the intersection of life and work. Read on to test some of your own assumptions about life, practice and work.

Helen Tracey is one of my favorite bloggers with a fresh clean voice. Here however she subsumed her own thoughts – the true mark of greatness – to promote others from the recent #CIPD14. See why I like @HRPotential’s work so much…

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