Quit Gushing: Richard Branson’s Unlimited Vacation Is a Trick

Really interesting to see the breadth and strength of reaction to this


He is more than a business pioneer—he’s an entrepreneurial guru and a leadership rock star. Searching the web for articles by or about Sir Richard Branson, we quickly noticed something: writers gush about him. Branson, in turn, gushes about innovation and the people who work for him. Lots and lots of gushing.

It’s easy to see why. People matter to Branson. He openly uses the word “love” when referring to his employees. He talks about respect for them and how he wants them to feel wanted and cared for. And he credits them for much of his astounding business success. He once won a lawsuit against a competitor and split the $500,000 award with his workforce.

So his latest announcement, giving his employees unlimited vacation time, fits with his benevolent philosophy of leadership and business success. And it has stirred up a lot of gushing for its boldness and the…

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