Giving up

The stumble to the tipping point. The smouldering before the flames.

That is the most frustrating and interesting of times. The period when the human race has its unknown glories. That is where all the great ideas and changes that never came to be live. The ones that needed one last effort that someone couldn’t choose to give.

It’s the easiest time to give up – the easiest time to ask yourself if it is worth the effort, the time, the irrecoverable energy.

The will that you had to expend has taken you this far. Would it have taken you to a more useful or better place elsewhere? It is the time of questions, doubt and sleepless nights. Of frustration, anger and disillusion.

All of our lives are haunted by the dawns that we couldn’t quite hold on for. Where we couldn’t quite make the distance. That’s part of being human.

The other part is knowing when to hold on against all odds. To hold onto hope, trust and faith. To fight one more battle that seems lost – because it is worth fighting.

That’s where progress is made.

How to pick when to walk away? It’s nearly impossible. Maybe the only way to tell is to know in your heart that there are some things you’d never turn your back on.

Maybe that’s the only test that matters. Maybe it’s the only thing that matters.

Face forward and hope. Or turn away and face into something else instead.

2 thoughts on “Giving up

  1. David, as always a thought provoking piece.
    It’s a truth that stopping sometimes can be the bravest decision.
    For me – its a question of whether you are making a difference, somewhere somehow to someone. Purpose is important, Progress perhaps more so.
    I guess sometime we need others to say what we can’t see ourselves.
    For example – Your work, as a writer, a thought leader, an instigator of interesting things, creates and inspires others… what you do not see is the impact you have on the thoughts (and actions) of others… maybe if thoughts were colours we would see rainbows emerging from previously cloudy, rain soaked heads…every time a new thought was zapped in from outside. Wouldn’t that be cool? …or how that rainbow bridged itself to others, as the idea took hold and was moved to inspire others
    Thats Progress, reminding Purpose to keep going
    For now…keep zapping.


  2. Poetic.

    And I don’t wish to steal any thunder. But I wish I could say these words as eloquently – mine is still sitting as a half-finished blog where it’s languished for weeks now.

    Fact is, changing the world doesn’t necessarily pay the bills nor does all that effort lead to something you can see, touch and feel enough to keep it going, to make it all worthwhile.

    Thank you, as always, for inspiring.


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