Superquick thoughts on #indyref

What constitutes freedom in a democracy?
Does splitting politicians into ‘ours’ and ‘yours’ make them any less likely to lie?
We tend to place more emphasis on what is happening now and discount the future? That must make voting in an  informed fashion really tough for everyone
We’ve evolved over thousands of years but when it gets to important decisions we still shout and hit each other. Sad
When did the UK’s only town become ‘Westminster’?
Should I hope for the best result for Scotland or the UK? Can it be both?
Are nationalities really that important these days? Does my mongrel status mean I care less?
How can the level of debate be so good over coffee/a pint and bad in the media? What can we learn from that?
Not knowing when oil will run out? Seems a bit worrying…
My uncle is Welsh, lives in Scotland, considering voting ‘Yes’ . No idea how that works. Anyone?
If it will happen anyway does it matter if it happens now. Or as oil running out becomes more of an immediate issue is this the one chance to get it done? Is oil the ultimate comfort blanket or a distraction from a debate about identity?
Is a country a principle, a collective, an economic power or all of them?

Hope it goes smoothly. Whatever happens I’m glad to have so many Scots neighbours and friends.

If you are voting then I’m sorry the political debate looked like this…


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