Lessons from The X-Factor

1. Life isn’t fair
2. Despite quotes to the contrary, wanting it lots isn’t always enough
3. Not everyone achieves their dreams (and those that do don’t always enjoy them as much as they thought)
4. The person with the most money in the room can wear their trousers however they like
5. Just because everyone is talking about something doesn’t mean it is worth talking about
6. The fact something is ‘all you ever wanted since you were x’ does not entitle you to it
7. If you are talented and choose to work for someone else, then at the end of your career they will have more money than you. They took the risk.
8. If you do the same thing year after year you might get diminishing results – but you can still make more money than the people writing about how you are doing the same thing year after year
9. People sing, money talks

This blog forms part of the 2014 ‘less effort than normal series’.

Here is my daughter cuddling a statue of Margot Fonteyn – popularity is fleeting, talent endures.


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