Superquick thoughts – more splodges

1. Which companies are building a lasting legacy?
2. Is helping others have a better working life a legacy? A life is temporary
3. How much does legacy matter? Is it important to be remembered or to have contributed?
4. We have been learning for thousands of years – isn’t it odd that we still haven’t worked out the best ways to help others learn? What does that say about collaboration?
5. What’s the hardest thing you’ve done in your career? What would have made it easier?
6. Are there any people that you can’t bring yourself to like (but know that you should)? What’s behind that?
7. What’s the worst lie you’ve told on the workplace?
8. What’s the best truth you have stood up for?
9. If you thought really hard about it… what percentage of the time do you spend telling the absolute in massaged truth? And telling slight fibs?
10. If you could go back in your career and have one conversation differently what would it be?
11. When is the last time someone told you not to do something and you ploughed on anyway due to your commitment to it?
12. Doing 11 is a bit arrogant isn’t it?
13. When did you stop thinking of astronaut as a viable career choice?


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