Superquick thoughts – choices

Superquick thoughts on Neil Morrison’s blog on ‘choice’.

Here’s some stuff it would be good to choose or have a say in. Maybe

My own IT
My working hours
How I present information
My manager
How I learn
Whether I have a manager
The balance of my remuneration package
Where the company off site is
Whether we have an offsite
How much data the company holds on me (beyond that which is legally required)
How often I meet my manager
What I wear
How I reward colleagues for doing great work
The company charity
Which awards my company enters
The organisation’s values
Which words we use to describe working here in adverts
How we recruit and who we recruit
Some of our product design (or at least have an input)
How the training budget is spent (both on me and broadly)
Which projects I get to work on
My own team for projects (and they choose me)
The environment and the colours I get greeted with when I enter reception
How I get feedback
Where I work
Which organisations we partner with
What we reward
Who is our CEO (orgs in the US do this)
Whether we have an HR dept or not (and in what form)
Who we hold up as role models
Our hold music
The food in the canteen
Social events (and whether families are invited)
The company logo
My screensaver
Our absence policy


whether people can talk about films featuring sharks in tornados without being judged


For those of you joining the Superquick thoughts bonanza… the rule is that they have to be written on my phone, on my 30 minute train journey. A summary of some of the others is tucked away here...

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