I love social media because…it’s random

Just some of the things that wouldn’t have happened  to me without social media

  • Getting to explain to Marcus Buckingham why I used to have a picture of him in my wallet
  • Getting to ask Dan Pink if I could move in with him
  • Getting to interact with Tom Peters about change management and project planning (he’s not a fan)
  • Interacting with the producer of the first Muppet Movie
  • Getting to speak in the British Embassy in Berlin – and having to endure 5 security checks in 36 hours
  • Being given tours of Disney, Innocent, Facebook and more
  • Getting to chat to the makers of Magic Whiteboard (I love that stuff) about their next product
  • Having a picture go viral (so that my wife spotted it and said ‘isnt’ that your handwriting’ – see below)
  • Having people greet me as ‘dds180!’
  • Getting to meet David Pearl and coordinating 50 people on a Street Wisdom session around London
  • Lots of jokes about how ‘I don’t look like the elephant in my avatar’
  • Getting to present to a group of Russian HRDs in the bowels of a hotel in Knightsbridge (with a translator scowling at me)
  • Getting to work with great folks (you know who you are) – including running a session in the debating chamber of the Cambridge Union in conjuction with Judge Business School
  • Discovering just how ubiquitous the love of pie is
  • Matthew Horne from Gavin and Stacey appearing to call me ‘f–king rank’ on twitter and then correcting himself – and copying me into a complaint about hot dogs to Jamie Oliver
  • Getting into a chat with Simon Blackwell (writer of The Thick of It)
  • A bad joke about Van Gogh being retweeted by the National Galley
  • A post about a goose (that was a lie) getting me my first ‘you are trending’ notification. It still pops up now
  • Getting to see Olivia Munn (who I’m not so secretly in love with) with Sukh Pabial
  • Getting to listen to F.W. de Klerk talking about the change in South Africa
  • Sally Gunnell retweeting one of my blogs and connecting on LinkedIn
  • Getting referred to as a guru by people that have never met me
  • Attending a Dr Who event at the BFI and being scared and then a little bit enthralled
  • Free booze, cinema tickets and gifts
  • Getting repeatedly slapped by Neil Morrison on Twitter, meeting him prepared for a scrap and then enjoying his company (and lots of wine) for several hours
  • A note on LinkedIn from someone based in the US (who I’d never met) saying I had been the reason they were able to make a really tough decision
  • Making some genuine friends and people I respect
  • Pretending I was giving the CIPD keynote by hopping up on stage – and having my LinkedIn profile picture (for some time…) a picture taken by HRGem of me presenting to an empty room



  • Be awesome

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