More superquick thoughts.

Is the main negative externality of big data approaches a loss of sense of self determination for others?

If you were put in charge of your organisation today what would you change? Why do you think your CEO isn’t changing that?

Would Jesus have used visual aids if he were about today? Would he have delivered Parables by Powerpoint?

When was the last time you felt really proud? How can you create an opportunity to feel like that again in the next few days?

We like diversity and we like fit and we like consistency and we like innovation. Will we ever be happy?

Which industry is most in need of regulatory intervention and why?

If you could choose another career what would be the motivation for doing so?

What type of job would you need to do to never want to retire? Is that the definition of a dream job?

Is it the wisdom of crowds or the mentality of the mob that ends up with the Daily Mail existing?

Why don’t people say ‘hello’ to Big Issue vendors. It might be embarrassing for you to be confronted by relative poverty – but being the type of person who ignores people should be pretty embarrassing too?

What’s the best company in the world? If your immediate response is ‘how do you define best?’ then do you ever wonder how you make it through the day? Are words that hard?

They say there is no such thing as a stupid question. Do you really believe that?

What would be the best thing you could do for someone in the next 10 minutes? Why wouldn’t you really change someone’s day for the better?

How close to falling off a bed can you be without falling off the bed?


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