Superquick thoughts

How big a difference does a tough commute make to productivity? How big a difference does it make to happiness?

I’ve had some great managers and some great leaders. Why should I think one categorisation is any better than the other?

Why do people keep looking for the next big thing before we have made headway on the last big thing?

If the best work in an organisation – and the best conversations – happen informally – is the job of process just to enable informal stuff to happen more effectively?

The Why Axis suggests that competition in society is largely driven by nurture. If this is the case could we learn to uncompete? What difference would it make to living standards?

What responsibility do employers have for educating employees beyond being capable in their role?

What can we learn from thinking the worst about situations? Negative assumptions?

How big an influence on my thinking does stuff on my Twitter feed that I don’t read make?

How scary is doing things differently?

How many organisations would you not find a way to be happy at? Needs must?

Is telling people to chase their dreams irresponsible?

If you agree performance reviews should be scrapped and don’t have an alternative solution for reward allocation is that a really big problem?

How many people retire happy with their career? And their lives? Which is the right measure for a successful economy?

Why do people seem smarter outside of work than in it?

How much of an average working day is playacting?

Work hard, play hard. Does that really work for people or is it just a way of justifying a pattern of behaviour people have fallen into?

Why do I get so upset about people buying iPhones? What is the equivalent for other people (hint: publishing on LinkedIn seems a parallel for some)

What makes a life worthwhile? How much of what you do each day is moving your life towards that marker?

If I’m creating my own prompts to manage my behaviour (e.g. nudges) am I giving up self control or exercising it?

Should I be encouraging my 4 year old to play outside or to learn how to use touchscreens? If both, what should be the bias of time?

Should we encourage people to share more stories about the future to inspire them? Should that be part of goal setting? Would that make it less painful?

If sitting at a desk all day is killing people shouldn’t that be the number one priority for most orgs to address?

How good is Jaws?


11 thoughts on “Superquick thoughts

    1. actually Jaws 2 has some iconic moments and is a good book… Jaws 3 is rank bad… Jaws 4 is simply awful (and the book is even. Did you ever see my Jaws post? I’ve got another one I haven’t published yet on learning from mistakes. The Jaws Log by Carl Gottlieb is a superb read on the making of movies with lots of broader lessons. Simon Heath is a big Jaws fan too


  1. I’ve just read your Jaws post – fantastic! I had no idea they thought they could train a shark; what a remarkable fact. I find it reassuring to be reminded that people who produced excellent work often had not a clue about how they would do it at the outset.


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