Pt 2. Superquick thoughts and brain farts

If another department wanted to rebrand we’d roll out eyes, yet people seem to think renaming HR would make us more credible. That’s just odd isn’t it? Are we that bad we need to pretend we didn’t happen?

I was always taught to let ladies pass through a door first. When did I decide it was OK to suspend that for tube journeys?

If a company makes a good profit can it ever be called dysfunctional. Are all organisations just very functional at being what they are?

If we had to scrap one HR led activity what would it be? Why do we allow ourselves to be associated with it if it’s that bad?

Nobody needed to teach you how to use Facebook. I don’t think that means we overtrain people, I think it means organisations don’t invest in making their workings intuitive – doesn’t it?

What books that you haven’t read yet would change the way you approach business or the world? Who are the people most likely to recommend them to you?

When is it OK to settle? ‘Strive for excellence but don’t burn out’ is a tricky ask isn’t it?

Who is the person you wished you’d had a chance to work for? What stopped you making that happen?

Blank sheets of paper are fun for some and intimidating for others. How do we design for that?

Would an organisation full of Steve Jobs clones come even close to working?

What is the most underpraised job role in your organisation?

If your leadership team read the FT and the rest of the business read tabloids – how will that impact dynamics over time?

Isn’t it cool that sometimes we build things that we only used to be able to dream of…


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