Do snails like rainbows?

This morning my daughter (who is 4) asked me if snails liked rainbows. I took to Twitter to see if anyone knew for certain and I got the following replies.

Katie: I’m afraid snails wouldn’t be able to see a rainbow. Only see “dark” & “light”, really bad eyesight #randomstuffiknow

Swiftly followed by…. Katie: Now I feel like I crushed the dream!!! Far too practical for my own good. I’m sure they have rainbows in their minds!

Robert Ordever: it’s impossible not to like rainbows. Even as a snail.

Sue Gerrard: But they love the damp weather that causes rainbows.

And finally brilliantly from

Anna Edmondson: I think yes – everybody loves rainbows. And they may see them reflected in puddles…

And Simon Heath


Sometimes answering the little questions can be as fun as answering the big ones. It’s all about perspective.

For anybody who is curious – I’ll show my daughter the picture and tell her they love the reflections.

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