Change Advocacy

This is my active advocacy for thinking about change and impact.

People Performance Potential

Who advocates change in your organisation? How do they advocate it? Who do they advocate it to?

All important Change Leadership questions but just as important if not more so is the question of what impact is that advocacy having? After all, the purpose of advocacy is to build authentic support for the change(s) you envisage.

We can look to models such as the diffusion of innovations and the tipping point… but often such segmentation characterises peoples current or past advocacy rather than help you understand what more you might need to do next. One way to look more specifically at the dynamics around advocacy is to use a model such as the following :

Change Advocacy Model

Quite simply others experience of our advocacy starts with some level of ignorance (or not knowing what you are advocating) and with increasing levels of interest, belief, support and motivation may progress to becoming…

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