Questioning out loud: Analytics

I’m in a session on HR analytics at the Strategic HR network on ‘Enabling HR’. Nice to see a few folks from Twitter.

Here are the questions being prompted by what I’m hearing from the speaker.

Not saying the speaker is wrong, just these are the questions I’m noting down as we go.

– why focus on cost management rather than the best place to invest. Is cost management more strategic?

-‘what gets measured gets done’ – possibly, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing is it?

-if we need numbers to talk ‘business’ what were we talking before? Does talking about people not count?

-do we need data to punch our weight or do we feel we need something as we are concerned about not punching weight

-if you keep changing your metrics were they wrong before or just wrong at the time?

– do metrics get aligned effectively to brand and values often enough?

-how much of measurement is a defensive measure rather than a value add activity?

-‘all employees like to be held accountable’ – do we tell ourselves that to validate how we manage them?

– do metrics get you closer to customers or further away from real people? Is that the same for customers and employees?



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