Fighting Fog

Powerlessness simply sucks. Feeling a lack of control simply sucks. I’m pretty confident on those two points. I’m not sure that it matters how the truth is bundled as long as it is heard. Maybe sometimes it is the truth that is most unsettling. I’m not sure, but I’m open to being wrong. I don’t think there is a ‘perhaps’ to the fact that the pull of Baywatch was the attractive blondes. I don’t think I can justify my blog by highlighting the quality of Julie’s thoughts – but this really is a pretty tough ‘do the ends justify the means’ problem.

fuchsia blue

6a015436eb4a84970c0192ac870d39970dThis blog has been a long time in the making.
There are times in my life and my work where I have the sense I’m fighting fog. Like somehow I’ve just lost a game I didn’t know I was in. Where I become aware that I’m feeling angry and somehow disadvantaged and I can’t quite work out how or where it has come from… where the rules of engagement seem to suggest everything is fine and normal and good – but my instinct is all is not right and I have an urge to kick back and bite…..
So when David D’Souza wrote his blog last Sunday on Sexy Women of HR– I found myself profoundly, almost comically angry… and I mean properly, arrestingly – WTF angry….. but I couldn’t quite find the words for or understand why.
And I’ve sat quietly with a question of what “that” sense…

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