#cipdldshow – I love flipcharts

Organisations are both complex and simple. They are rarely ‘stable’ and they are increasingly reliant upon their ability to adapt in order to survive.

The economy is not necessarily becoming a more accurate weighing mechanism, but it is becoming a more rapid one. You only have to look at the change in the fortunes of RIM/BlackBerry in order to see how swiftly market domination can be overturned.

At the heart of any organisation you’ll find people. Complex, confusing, evolving, changing people. An old MD of mine once said that if you want to grow the organisation 10 per cent the first thing you need to do is work out how you are will grow your people 10 per cent.

As a nation (and in the global economy the same holds true) – the key to growth is having people who can enable it. That is where L&D sits, not as a ‘support’ function, but as a crucial enabler to business and economic growth. We can shape careers and experiences. We can help shape leaders of the future. That is an incredible responsibility, accountability and opportunity.

I’m excited about the L&D show for a number of reasons

i) it is energising to be surrounded by so many people committed to making careers and businesses more successful.

ii) I’m excited about glimpses of the next big thing. Not because we need to jump on the next buzzword, but because the more that our toolkit expands the better equipped we are to help businesses and people grow.

iii) I’m excited on seeing the maturity of the last ‘next big things’. You know the ones…

iv) I’ll be supporting the CIPD with some blogging and social media pieces – which means I get to read plenty of observations from others on their experiences. I get to learn from them. Some of the people I meet will disappoint me, I’ll (doubtless) disappoint some of the people I meet – but I’ll learn.

I like learning, I like development. And of course, I’m old skool – I like flipcharts.


The #cipdldshow seems a good place to be.

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