Leadership isn’t the big things, it’s 1000 small actions
Business is all about the people
If it can’t be measured then it can’t be improved
If you aren’t on social media you aren’t embracing change
There is no place for hierarchy anymore
Everybody should be working flexibly
The future is online
The world is a different place now

Leadership is not sweating the small stuff
Business is about the bottom line
Not everything that counts can be counted
It doesn’t matter how you communicate and learn, just that you do
People appreciate freedom within a structure
Face to face will never be replaced
People still want what they always wanted


We are so used to dealing in attractive absolutes – and so keen to find a right answer – that we lose track of necessary complexity.

We find comfort in eliminating the confusion of mixed motives and striving for ‘root cause’. What is the one thing that caused…

Next time somebody asks you to give them just one reason… just refuse. Life isn’t a courtroom where you can be forced to answer that question. It isn’t binary.

It isn’t yes or no.

It is yes and no.

Did you do it because it was right or because it was easy? Yes, you did. It’s as simple and complex as that.

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