I’m off to the first event for the new Institute of NLTI today. Blending facets from both MBTI and NLP together is one of the more obvious opportunities that we, as a profession, have missed.

Two of our most credible and widely used tools are now being combined into one to give us a supertool that will support both recruitment decisions and development planning at both a team and individual level.

Jungian archetypes fused with the latest Neurolinguistic insight feels and sounds like a winner to me.

Thought Leadership is where it’s at.


Having met the folk behind this (at the newly formed Institution of NLTI) I’ve been highly impressed so far at their combination of existing tools and cutting edge research.

If anyone is interested in a taster or more information then please contact me directly. I’m not being paid for this, I’m just hugely excited about the potential to make HR more credible through this avenue.

Please consider joining us at

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