What’s success?


I’m sitting at a bar in an airport, sipping champagne and basically being cool. People look at me like they know just how cool I am. I’m cool. You can consider yourself cool by association simply by reading this post.

How do you know you’ve made it in HR? HR is, of course, the most cool of professions – where all the cool people want to work. I’ve got some pointers I’m willing to share with you, so you will know if you’ve ever made it .

1. When you meet someone they say ‘I really like your work’ and you immediately think ‘of course, you do. Because I’m brilliant. That last thing I wrote? Double brilliant. I need to go back and read my own work again because I rock’

2. You are asked to speak at a conference. You request the music to Flash Gordon to be played as you walk on. The organisers don’t even think to question it. You are the saviour of the universe.

3. Someone asks you for a card. You say ‘I don’t do cards’. They assume that is your ‘thing’. They don’t assume you left them in your other jacket pocket and are just trying to seem cool. Because you are cool and current and at the edge.

4. Someone says something you don’t really understand. You simply state they are getting ‘lost in semantics’. Everybody nods. Because you are cool.

5. The stuff you wrote last week no longer makes sense to you because your thinking has moved on so quickly. Or maybe you didn’t think it through at the time, but that doesn’t matter because you are cool

6. The number of followers you have on Twitter stands as validation of your thinking (albeit that half of them are social media ‘experts’ from San Francisco trying to get you to retweet their Instagram pictures) . The cool follow the cool surely?

7. Someone points out you were simply wrong on something. You explain that you are simply getting them to critique a position – you have the right answer but won’t share it as they wouldn’t get it. Your thinking is beyond them.

8. Your lists make essential reading. If they don’t then people simply aren’t out there on the edge with you.



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5 thoughts on “What’s success?

  1. If you were truly cool, you wouldn’t be siting in an airport bar paying for your champagne with all the other scum. You would tucking into the airport lounge freebies like I am as I write this. Cool? Not even close


  2. I know that I successful because more work keeps coming my way, both from CEO Stan and Wifey.
    I am easy to work for, and that makes me cool.
    Some would say that because I am from Canada, I am chilly, or frigid, not , merely cool, if yoyget my drift.


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