It’s time to change! Thinking differently about organisational change

When people build on your thoughts with much better thoughts of their own…well that is the reason sharing make sense.

Change Rearrange Blog


I recently read a great blog by David DeSouza on change being constant not one off events to be managed and it really resonated with my recent thoughts. I come from the world of the NHS where change management projects are par for the course. Everything that needs to be done differently is a change to be managed, it’s new and therefore outside of the day job. Even my past blogs partly conform to this way of thinking and like most people I realise I’ve been a bit indoctrinated to the view change is something to be managed.

As a result of so much change management I, like others, are suffering from change fatigue. In the NHS especially, change fatigue is clear to see. People can’t face yet another change knowing more is coming and that future change may even change the current change back to the way it was…

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