In bed

A few weeks ago my mother (of all people) let me know about a game.

When you get a fortune cookie you have to read it out loud and add the words ‘in bed’


I got a fortune cookie. It read ‘You have style and panache’.

You see where this is going….

Anyway, a few days later it was picked up on Twitter and Kate Griffiths-Lambeth added some fortunes of her own from her Chinese meal..

Then the game was extended to tweets and we got a bit carried away and now I’m inviting you all to join in. If you’ve read this far… try it just once…

To play all you do is scan down someone’s timeline, pick a tweet that would benefit from the words ‘in bed’ being placed at the end and then quote/retweet it adding the words. If someone hits the RT or favourite button then move down their timeline and strike again..

I’m aware this is immature, I’m aware adds no actual value to the world, I’m aware some people will find it tiresome, I’m aware there is meltdown in the Ukraine but…

Sometimes things can just be fun


5 thoughts on “In bed

  1. Love the evolution of fortune cookie game, probably round a dinner table, in your mum’s generation to SoMe fortune cookie game today – let’s take it global!!


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