Help needed (part 2)

The last post seems quite popular – but it felt like posturing. It isn’t.

Occasionally I wonder if people think bloggers have never put anything into an organisation that they talk about. Whether this stuff works in the real world. Here is a copy of what my team did to help understand its purpose and to help the business understand what it did – that I’ve pulled out of an email from 2011. I’ve done this stuff…I’d write it more simply now – but this stuff does work (and we wrote it together so its not all my fault).

How does the Organisational Development Team help the business to perform? 

1.     Help the business to maintain legal compliance in the areas we impact (what does it look like: effectively following our process and legal requirements, highlighting breaches, maintaining employment policy compliance)

2.     Help the business get better immediate and long term performance from its people through using data and insight (what does it look like: providing data that highlights links between behaviour and performance)

3.     We provide tools to the business that help develop people and enhance performance (what does it look like: 360, Engagement, Visits, Post case review)

4.     Help bring talented people into the business (what does it look like: supporting Job Design and administering the recruitment process)

5.     Help to improve business structure and processes, providing advice, guidance and challenge and supporting change (what does it look like: reviewing team structures in partnership with business areas, reviewing disciplinary cases to ensure we learn from them)

6.     Help managers and leaders  have conversations that help drive performance and development (what does it look like:. the Management Toolkit, coaching & supporting managers through the performance management process)

7.     Help recruit, support and identify talent (what does it look like: maintain the talent definitions and use the data to highlight opportunity)

8.     Help people make the right decisions for themselves, the business, our customers and our people (what does it look like: the way we work, pushing for the right result all of the time)


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