Important notes – Humane Resourced 2

here it comes again
here it comes again

Really important points (RIP)

  • If you ask me to review your post, unfortunately, it will take me a while to get back to you. It might take so long that you’d be better off asking someone else. I promise I will do it, I really care, but I have a large number of requests and I’ll need to allocate a day to it at some point.
  • It would be superbly helpful if you could upload your own posts when you are done. This reduces the pressure on me and also means we don’t get the formatting issues that appear when transferring text through documents and email. When your piece is finished just email me for a log in and it is a simple process from there
  • Following comments on the last post (please comment on this too) we are looking at a pricepoint of about £4.99 this time. This means we can balance the book being popular and raising funds for charity
  • We are almost at 80 bloggers. Part of me is tempted to stop there – another part of me is casting appreciative glances at the number 100…If you know anyone else who might want to contribute – particularly in the US – then please put them in touch
  • There was a suggestion we should do a video promo. I like the idea and so I’ll update you on that next time. If anyone has any ideas on going viral then let me know
  • The deadline for submission remains February 5th. It may be extended, but please work to that if you definitely want to be included


I was chatting to some people last week about how much harder for me the project seems this time. I expected it to be easier. I think people are taking it more seriously and expecting it to be less ‘homespun’ and that means they are expecting more central support. For context, last time out of the entire book I was asked to review 3-4 blogs at the point of submission. I obviously read all blogs submitted at some point, but I only had 3-4 ‘can you look this over before I submit’ requests.

This time we have had less than 25% of the expected number of authors submit blogs, but I’ve already had over 10 requests to review work. The book is on track to be 50% bigger – but it is shaping up to be 5 times more work for me. I hadn’t factored that it in (it’s interesting as someone curious about the way people work and think) and that probably means adjustments to timelines and the way I work. To everyone that has offered to help with the behind the scenes (and not particularly sexy stuff) – thank you.

Previous FAQ and updates

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