Collaborative HR – a chance for you to build

I was recently asked to write a piece on collaborative HR for the folks at NZlead. It struck me that writing a piece on the benefits of involving larger groups of people in tackling issues – but only involving myself – would be hypocritical and/or stupid.

As part of the piece I’ve written a vague blueprint/list of principles of ways HR could operate more effectively and collaboratively to make a difference. I realise some of you will already be reacting strongly to that sentence and have objections, but I’m inviting you to help solve a problem rather than just grumble. It’s easier to destroy than build, so I’m challenging you to build.

Head over to this document and add your thoughts. If you have comments on the approach (or believe the profession to be just ‘spiffing’ the way it is) then just drop your thoughts in the comments on this blog. It’s that short and simple. We’ll see what happens.

To anybody doubtful of the approach, please remember just how smart the author of this blog is and watch this video of taken of him recently

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