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here it comes again
here it comes again

On Tuesday evening I thought it was about time we started thinking about the second book in the Humane, Resourced series. I’m a little bit impetuous, so I sent out an unthinking tweet and suddenly the juggernaut was in motion again.

48 hours later we have 50 authors signed up and a new cover by Simon Heath.

I want to make the process as easy as possible for people so I’m creating this as a landing page – then I’ll add links to updates and information from here.


Where to enter details if you want to take part – click here

For reviews and information on the first book – click here

To buy the first book – if you’re submitting to the sequel you really should – click here

Where and how to submit your blog – coming soon


What is this all about?

In July 2013 I resolved to publish a crowdsourced book on HR/OD/Business to showcase the work of bloggers or anyone interested. It turned out to be an idea that really caught on, to the degree that it makes sense to do a sequel. We made bestseller lists and people were really positive about the project and the output. We had real support from both the HR and Business community – and a really positive reception from people like Charles Handy and Dan Pink who I spoke to about the book, even when they didn’t want to and were obviously attempting to walk away from me.

What is different this time? How will we do even better?

The success of last time caught me completely off guard. This time we will do some things differently as the process ‘grows up’. For starters I will communicate via an email list rather than a mass tweet each week, please do share and reshare tweets though.

I will also be attempting to use Google+ and LinkedIn more – as shares on that will help us reach an audience we didn’t before. If people could share with people not on Social Media as well that would really help us break out. Someone suggested you give me Klout points – I have no idea if that helps anything. Please do connect with me on LinkedIn though.

I welcome help and support on the PR side – as that rather fell into place after publication last time. If you can help through contacts in arranging reviews/interviews/features then, for this project alone, I am a complete media floozy.

So who are the authors?

For the first edition there was no vetting procedure. If you wrote then you got in. That was on purpose, I could have gone with smaller and more highly edited and still had more than enough for a book. I’d like to keep the same principle for the second volume, but if you think we should do it differently then please let me know in the comments section or contact me directly. Please do keep encouraging other people to join in – this is a community project, communities grow by looking outwards, not by talking about how great they are amongst themselves.

I would love to have more authors from the US – for two reasons i) it extends the reach of the book ii) we are missing out on so many good writers

What are the topics? What are the rules?

Write about what you are passionate about – as long as it relates to work that is fine. What I would like to see more of would be case studies and examples to back up more general points. And don’t be afraid to tell a story – stories really work.

You can submit more than one blog, it doesn’t have to be new for the book, if you submitted for the last book I’d be delighted to have you submit again.

Are you affiliated with the CIPD?

No, to be honest I’m not even a member. The CEO, Peter Cheese, generously wrote the foreword for the last book and the CIPD were hugely supportive in publicising it – but this is not a CIPD publication and you can be as challenging and maverick as you like.

So you don’t make any money from the sale of the books?

No – if you are contributing then please let me know if there is a charity you’d like to support and when we find out people’s preferences that will be where the money goes. I hope to release a book next year that makes money for me, but it won’t be in this series and will be clearly differentiated. The ‘brand’ for this series of books will only be used for charity as long as they are being produced.

There is an upside for me in that I’m suddenly ‘the book guy’ – which seems to make me more employable, but anyone who saw the haphazard way the first book was put together will confirm this couldn’t have been part of a sane person’s career strategy.

What do I do if I have a question?

Tweet me or email me. You might not get an immediate response but if you don’t get one after 24 hours then just tweet or email me more aggressively and I’ll send you a response AND a grovelling apology.

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