Humane, Resourced 2 – this time it’s personnel


This year a group of HR and business bloggers came together and published a book called Humane, Resourced. It went on to become a #1 Bestselling HR book on Amazon in the UK and did well in the US too. You can read more about the success and some reviews here. Best Sellers The most popular items in Human Resources - Google Chrome 02112013 092921.bmp

I really enjoyed the chance to showcase other people’s work and I want to do the same again next year. So, here we go – a chance to be part of a best selling business book.

The brief – it’s open to all, I keep editorial control to a minimum, I make things up as we go along, it’s all for charity. I’ll publish a more detailed FAQ but essentially you write about something work or business related you are passionate about, it is that simple.

Helpful things for you to do: ask questions, publicise the book and share my updates – use your contacts and all your social networks, get your work in as quickly as possible to help me balance my workload, volunteer to help with stuff (this year the cover and all of the editing were done by volunteers), fill in your details below – even if you have tweeted me already, pay money into my bank account each month

Unhelpful things for you to do: think you are busier than me – I’ll be dealing with 50 sets of queries so please try and solve things yourself if you can, chase me for updates – I’ll update whenever I can (promise), write using a really odd font that doesn’t play well with WordPress, use pictures that are subject to copyright, use video if you want to be in a print version

What would be brilliantly awesome would be you adding your name and details on the below document (if you want to take part) and suggesting any ideas you have to make things even better. Welcome aboard, let’s do cool stuff together.

Dave @dds180

Add here -> List of authors and ideas

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