HR: Awesome

Why do you hate HR?

After I posted my Star Wars blog the other day someone I have a lot of respect for asked me ‘why do you hate HR?’. 

It is an interesting question as I don’t hate HR, I just hate some of the things that people do in the name of it. When you write a blog you tend to end up with a short space to make your point and that leaves you open to being thought to hold extreme opinions . I think about HR like people think about their favourite football team – you always want them to be the best, so you are always thinking of and talking about things you can do better. 

But you’ll always be their biggest supporter when it comes to matchday.

Do you ever hate HR?

When HR is like this I’m not a fan. When people are hiding behind policy then I hate that – I don’t hate it in HR in particular, I just hate that in any profession. 

I do, however, think it was a really cheap shot to publicise this rather than just resolve it internally. I can imagine a conversation where a line manager explains there has been a breach of H+S and a degree of insubordination and an overworked HR Manager fires off a disciplinary invitation without thinking more roundly. We are all human. 

So do you love HR?

I love…

  • the incredible possibilities that it brings in terms of influence and ways of working
  • the dazzling blend of the operational and strategic – with one always impacting on the other. You can change one thing and it impacts everything else. There is always another puzzle
  • the continuous stream of judgement calls, that are like tiny case studies every time you come across them
  • the people – some of the most interesting, courageous, welcoming and smart people that I’ve ever met have been HR people
  • the fact that ‘it’ isn’t solved yet – and might not ever be – but it’s hurtling forwards into exciting territory
  • the breadth of opinion and insight that exists
  • the ability to draw in lessons from other disciplines and make use of them to build ours even further
  • the fact that we’re so passionate about it falls into the ‘love/hate’ category for so many people
and finally I love HR because it is such a glorious variety of personalities and opinions that you wouldn’t ever expect to inhabit the same space.
Like Taylor Swift and Def Leppard. 
Who popped up when I searched on Youtube for ‘love and hate collide’.
Really…this happened. And let me know what you love about HR below or on Twitter.

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