Treat me like I’m me

Short one. 

There is a lovely line that Aaron Sorkin has recycled a few time in his scripts. You can find a brilliant video of his recycled lines here

The line is “Don’t talk to me like I’m other people”

It’s normally uttered by a character angered that they are being treated as though there is no history between them. As though there is no trust. As though there is no real understanding. 

Too often I’ve seen and heard superficial observations of motivation in the workplace that don’t really get to the heart of that individual’s values. We treat them like motivations are consistent across groups of people. 

Tim is upset. The conversation is then about why someone in Tim’s position would be upset. 

It should be about what we know about Tim. 

Don’t talk about Tim like he is other people. 

My first profound TV interview 

The below was my status feed a year ago on Facebook. I thought I’d share it so people can either laugh or learn. Both are very important. 

Today was my first TV interview. I think I’m supposed to pretend that it’s all in a day’s work and I’m blasé about this kind of stuff… Lots of people I know seem to do this regularly. For me it was my first time and I wanted to share the experience so that everybody else knows it is ok to get nervous and you survive and learn as you go. 

Here’s how it went:

1. 3 visits to the toilet in the hour leading up to it

2. “Better with jacket on or off? Or on? No, off… On? Off” – that lasted about five minutes 

3. There is a large amount of unusable footage where I’m caught out by hugely difficult questions like “What does HR do?” and “What is your job?”.

4. I use the word “profound” about 17 times. Everything is a profound change or has profound impact or is profoundly interesting. 

5. I imagine anyone watching in HD will be able to see my lip becoming increasingly sweaty. SD viewers will be OK. 

6. I’m pretty sure I broke every guidance on position offered to me by our PR team, but it was such a blur I can’t quite work out if I managed the whole set. 

7. At one point they asked me “What are the main employment trends currently?”. I couldn’t manage one trend. After a pause I said… “Self employment is going up which is good and….not good” 

That’s how it really went. 
#Failoutloud folks, as the very wise Marco would encourage me to do.