The Sweet Spots for Speaking

I have a lot of blogs in draft at the moment and I’ve been wondering about what to prioritise finishing. 

Then I started thinking about what people enjoy reading or listening to. 
Then I started thinking about recent political events and from this (and with the employment of absolutely no science) here are my theories on what the majority of people want from a speaker

– Confirmation of what they already know, but dressed in a way that makes their current position appear smart or gives it more scientific rigour or gravitas 

-Information on something they haven’t thought about yet, but feels like a position they could take if they had

-Unique information they can quote or recite

-A narrative that taps into their own frustration or experience 

-A degree of entertainment (it needs to be in some way compelling) 

-A feeling the speaker is tapping into something that the rest of the room shares. A sense of becoming part of a community that shares a common viewpoint. 

I’m not saying that is all everyone wants, but I’d guess if you can provide that you send 80 percent of people home happy and feeling positive about you. 

If that is your goal.