Bruno Mars PT2 – the outcome letter – Uptown Funk

Notice of result of appeal against disciplinary action Date 30th January 2015 Dear Bruno, You appealed against the decision of the disciplinary hearing to dismiss you from your employment. This followed a previous attempt to resolve the matter informally, notes of which can be found here. The appeal meeting was held on 27th January 2015 after several aborted [...]

L&D, #LT15UK and SuperQuick Thoughts

Yesterday I took a trip to the Learning Technologies show to meet some folk, see some things and have some thoughts. I'm always happy to reveal half formed thoughts so here are some of my takeaways There are a swathe of tools available - not much that is genuinely new - but tools are useless [...]

Uptown Funk: The Bruno Mars HR Disciplinary

Notes from informal meeting with Bruno Mars, 22/01/15 Background: Following recent complaints from colleagues a meeting was arranged with Bruno (BM) to discuss his recent conduct, in particular his language regarding women. Meeting commenced approx 9.30am HR : Hi, Bruno, please come in and take a seat. Would you like a glass of water? BM: What's [...]

Making HR Better (or not making it worse) – HR Carnival

Making HR Better (or not making it worse) – HR Carnival

This is part of the HR Carnival - please check it out and also check out the excellent work of Steve Browne here - nicest guy ever... I was going to rehash an old post on making HR better, but instead I thought I'd shoot off some quickfire thoughts on people and orgs that new entrants to [...]

The Ocean Spray test – sweet and sour

During the week I spent a fair bit of time talking about HR, metrics and behavioural science. This weekend I slumped down in front of the TV to catch up on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver which, together with The Daily Show, forms part of my regular sanity check on life. Reflecting on the [...]