Wimbledon and the World Cup

I assured Sukh Pabial that I would be writing two blogs on Wimbledon this year. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to deliver on that promise, but I have managed to rattle off two blogs on the upcoming World Cup final.

Sukh did write a post on Wimbledon that is well worth a read.

My two pieces are almost identical except for the fact… well, you’ll have to read them to see – but I imagine that one of them will prove to be bang on the money.

“Success is hard to predict, but incredibly easy to explain.” M. Pinkwell

Blog 1  – on why it could only happen this way

Blog 2  – on why it could only happen this way

I’m playing about with publishing on LinkedIn at the moment. If anyone would like to know how it is going then I’m always happy to share.


A message to business leaders

Wise words from Mr Taylor

Donald H Taylor

I’ve just returned from a meeting at the CIPD’s headquarters in Wimbledon, London, where the CIPD‘s Andy Lancaster and Towards Maturity‘s Laura Overton led a meeting on the business alignment of L&D. As chairman of the Learning and Performance Institute, I was invited to speak and participate in what proved to be a very useful discussion, with plenty of great case study contribution.

At the end of the meeting we were asked what our key messages were to L&D and to business leaders, and the following popped into my head:

A  message to business leaders: “If you think learning belongs in the classroom, enjoy the view as your competitors overtake you.”

Returning to my desk I found it had been retweeted a few times:

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