Humane Resourced – I’m retiring

So today I’m sitting down to draw together the final submissions for the next Humane Resourced book. If you still haven’t got your chapter to me then please make sure you get it to me as soon as you can. The last one is still available here 

I’ve been useless resisting temptation with this book and as a result I keep extending the deadline. I extend it as really interesting people keep saying ‘if I got a chapter to you by….‘ and I keep giving in. From this point onwards I’m driving towards getting everything finished by the end of this month. 

I’ve had chapters piling up in my inbox and in a genuine ‘amateur hour’ effort I’m now having to trawl through 3 months worth of email to attempt to what people have contributed. It serves me right for being a fool.

Anyway – that isn’t the point of this post. The point of this post is to offer someone an opportunity to take coordination of, what in a few weeks,will be a series of HR books (hopefully #1 in the US and UK) and turn it into something better.

After I’ve done this volume I’ll be handing over the baton to someone else. I don’t know who yet – if you are interested then just put up your hand. If you aren’t then please share this post in case it lands in the inbox of someone who is.

Why am I giving it up?

I’m giving it up as I simply never expected the book to be a success. The idea for the first book was genuinely about people being able to wave a Kindle in front of their family at Christmas and say ‘LOOK, I GOT PUBLISHED’. It went on to be quite successful which had a number of unanticipated side effects

  • it gave me an undoubted PR boost that I hadn’t planned for
  • it gave me an uncomfortable feeling that I was getting an undoubted PR boost for effectively showcasing other people’s work
  • it gave me a sense of responsibility for something bigger than myself that I hadn’t factored in
  • it was really cool to be at the heart of it and people were really nice about it (nothing bad with that side effect)
  • it gave me an incredible network and opportunity

Those people who really know me are aware how uncomfortable some of the above things were for me. I’m all about intent and motive – and sometimes where the book stopped and where my personal profile started became quite blurred, both for others and for me. I appreciate everyone who tried to reassure me that  it wasn’t a problem, but in the end we all get to decide how comfortable we are with lines blurring. I’ve got a low threshold.

So I’m giving it all up and letting someone else run with it. I’m probably going to write my own book at some point and I’d feel really uncomfortable if this series looks like a vehicle for that. 

What does the job look like

  • totally unpaid – in fact I’m $30 down so far
  • irregular hours
  • part helpdesk/part coach/part admin – but at the centre of some really cool folk
  • the ability to read brilliant content before anyone else
  • people treating you like you know what you are doing (when you are really making things up as you go along)
  • the chance to showcase other people’s work – which I’ve loved
  • the ability to build on some really lucky groundwork
  • a chance to get feedback from readers and writers that you’ve helped make a difference
  • as much support as you need from me
  • a chance to get interviewed on the BBC sofa by Ian Pettigrew (that may not always happen)

If you would be interested in a job like that then please get in touch. Otherwise – please share.

And thanks to everyone that I’ve got to meet with through the book – you are an incredible crop of people to know.



I’m off to the first event for the new Institute of NLTI today. Blending facets from both MBTI and NLP together is one of the more obvious opportunities that we, as a profession, have missed.

Two of our most credible and widely used tools are now being combined into one to give us a supertool that will support both recruitment decisions and development planning at both a team and individual level.

Jungian archetypes fused with the latest Neurolinguistic insight feels and sounds like a winner to me.

Thought Leadership is where it’s at.


Having met the folk behind this (at the newly formed Institution of NLTI) I’ve been highly impressed so far at their combination of existing tools and cutting edge research.

If anyone is interested in a taster or more information then please contact me directly. I’m not being paid for this, I’m just hugely excited about the potential to make HR more credible through this avenue.

Please consider joining us at