Just because I’m young, blonde and quiet, doesn’t mean I’m stupid

What do we lose by making assumptions? What are safe assumptions? Is there a cost to being softly spoken – don’t you need to be able to be heard? What hair colour do the most effective leaders have? Is it grey…

Learning to Fly

I was once asked by a recruiter in an interview how I could expect to stand up to senior leaders because I was too soft spoken.

I’m reminded of this after a black jack dealer in Vegas said that ‘I couldn’t comprehend how to play black jack and there was no point him helping me learn how to play’.

I didn’t realise he was having a go at me until one of the American’s at our table starting ripping into him for calling me stupid and that that wasn’t very nice.

As with the recruiter, it only felt like the wrong thing after I’d left the room and thought about it.

At the time my mind was firmly in thinking the best about what was happening.

I don’t do confrontation, I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, I’m not forceful and I’m not prone to talking just…

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