CEO’s prefer blondes

Gentlemen prefer blondes. Which is why so many entry positions in HR are filled by attractive women. Possibly. Great angles and observations from Angela and Richard. More on this here…

Up the Down Escalator

This is a discussion that has turned into a post. I was challenged to write it and I do like a challenge, so here goes!

I am joined in this post by Angela Atkins. You can follow here own awesome blog here. In a recent conversation with Angela about how HR needs to change, she said “we have to get the business to want HR to deliver and know what to ask for. Too many CEO’s still hire young blonde girls into HRM/HRD roles because they don’t have the experience to challenge them.”

Now I know this is a provocative statement. And of course, it is also a sweeping generalization – actually, many of them are brunettes.

But in a country the size of New Zealand where many people find themselves in sole charge HR positions in small to medium sized businesses, there is more than a grain of truth…

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2 thoughts on “CEO’s prefer blondes

    1. I’m having a family day, otherwise I’d be joining in more fully. Great blog, lots of different angles. Why do people value their intelligence more than looks? Isn’t that just snobbish…


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