Author deadline update – HR2

Quick and important update for authors (if you don’t know what we are on about then check here)

  1. I’m extending the deadline for blog submission until the end of February. Why? It’s a busy time of year and lots of people are struggling to make the deadline. The book should be a fun, community project and not a stress or a chore. Thanks to all of you who have already submitted – it makes staggering the editing far easier
  2. We are still open for business for new authors – it would be great to get a US #1 so the more the better from the other side of the Atlantic!
  3. We are considering changing the title from This Time It’s Personnel (based on SEO impact and length) – if you could let me know other suggestions you have in the comments below that would be great. We think something shorter and punchier. ‘Personnel Vendetta’ was one suggestion
  4. If anyone knows a blockbuster big name person to write the foreword then please let me/them know
  5. The awesome Julie Drybo
     has just started editing the first book for us to be able to publish it as a physical copy. If we can time that release with that of the sequel we will…
  6. I’ve had a few bits on outside of work recently, if I’ve been slow to get back to people then I apologise profusely. Hopefully things will be more straightforward as we head to launch.
  7. Thanks to everyone who chats, supports, does – this isn’t a one man project, this is a beautiful example of fluid teams in action. It’s appreciated.

We have already had over 20 chapters submitted and there are some incredible pieces already lined up. Remember as soon as you have written your piece simply email me for a log in

Many thanks,