FolkHR for HR Folk – business lessons from Dylan

With all the talk of big data I also think there is room for properly applied 'folksy' wisdom in business I'm off to see Bob Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall later in the year and whilst it is disputable as to whether he is still 'folk', he certainly had his roots in that type [...]

The unconference: unbottling bravery

On Friday I attended my first Connecting HR event and my first unconference on the topic of #BraveHR. I have no idea what that meant - can you break it down please? Connecting HR is a group of HR profesionals connecting through social media and in real life to work out how to do things [...]

My First Day at the CIPD

The CIPD have recently announced the appointment of a new Deputy Chief Executive , I thought I'd use this blog post to speculate what her first day in the office might be like.    I'd like to be very clear that this is a parody and that I have had no contact with Susannah Clements and have [...]

Michael Jackson, Bad Apples and selective blindness

Please note: sometimes I make logical steps that others may find offensive.  i) if you can find a hole in the logic then please leave a comment ii) if you simply dislike where the logic leaves us then please go away and reflect on your own position I hope that seems fair.  So, why the [...]